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AFS 3220-Low noise differential charge amplifiers

Low noise differential charge amplifiers

AFS 3220 from ADE Technologies

AFS 3220, utilize high voltage fast differential charge amplifiers with low noise DAC oscillator, 375 KHz synchronized DC/DC converter power supplies, antialising filter and ADC.

Used in silicon quality and process control applications to perform noncontact wafer geometry measurements, the 300-mm Advanced Flatness system measures and reports SEMI-standard wafer shape, flatness, thickness, and resistivity results. The multifunctional wafer-flatness measurement and sorting system can also be used in ultrathin SOI, epitaxial, prepolish, and reclaim wafer operations to perform process setup, in-line quality control, and product certification.

AFS 3220 Design Team

Steve MacLeod — manager & electronic design
Geoff Cook — analog design
John Wright — PCB engineering